Cross country drives

Cross country drives

windowOne of my particular favorite ways to travel is to take a cross country drive.  I love seeing the beauty of America and her people. Raised in a rural Arkansas town, I know that every person matters.  Yesterday was one of my favorite sort of days, a business trip to Atlanta required me to be present later in the afternoon, so there was time to drive.  I’m an avid automobile fan, and have driven subaru’s to volvo’s but the current girl is an ancient Volkswagon Cabrio…thirteen years old and named Vroomhilda.  It was the sort of day destined to put the top down and drive.

It is my pleasure to take in all the nuances of an area. In some ways it is all wide eyed wonder for me, though DSC_0897I no longer live in a rural town, people and places astonish me.  From farmer’s markets to fine arts theaters  I love each and every experience.  I am a creative, my world is focused through an aesthetic eye, so I am fueled by finding the beauty in everything.  Yesterday’s drive was full of lush and green and gorgeous. People and scenes simply feed my soul, and yesterday’s sunny perspective was lovely.  The farmer’s markets are opening in Alabama, farmer’s families are bringing their wares to sell in towns across the state.  Three hundred miles of places to stop, share, and tarry made the four hour trip more like six.  That’s part of the margin I like to build into my trip. I am never disappointed, listening to people’s stories take time, and they are always worth the effort. After all, we all have a story, and wouldn’t you prefer to have yours heard patiently?

Last night’s schedule included an author event that Theraderm skincare was sponsoring. I had the distinct pleasure of being introduced to the product and receive a sample pack of their skin care along with Office Candy and a few other fun products.  Theraderm is a company based in Northwest Arkansas, my old stomping grounds ,and they have been blessed with the presence of a new marketing officer that I respect and have worked alongside for over sixteen years. I happen to know that she is not an easy sell herself, so when she accepted this role, I knew the theradermsetproduct had to be worthwhile. I was not disappointed last night when I got back to the hotel room.  Theraderm sponsored a book party for Lost in Sub_6.20.inddnational syndicated columnist Tracy Beckerman who writes from Lost in Suburbia.  Tracy’s new book, Lost in Suburbia, is a great tale of what happens when smart women choose to “do the right thing’ and raise their children with the attitude that their own lives must be lost in the process.  A syndicated writer and at times, a stand up comedian, Tracy poignantly shares the truthful experiences that using a recipe for a life that doesn’t fit you brings you. Tracy was delightful, energetic, and more importantly very real. She was simply fun to be with and her yankee graciousness rivaled any belle’s any day. What a delight to know she is partnering with Dress for Success, a program to support at risk women returning to the workforce with a month’s supply of clothes. The Blo Beauty Bar was the perfect setting to gather women bloggers to share in the fun of a book launch! We won’t even discuss how much I loved the catering…but it was amazing.

There were many stories last night, the best one that a many rooms of people were sharing what it is like to parent. There was laughter, sharing, and a sense of community among strangers. Tracy has that effect on a crowd, from moment one you’re just part of us when she’s around, loved that. Working with authors and speakers, and doing many book launches a year with them, I appreciated that the focus of the night was in appreciating the guests and providing for their needs while having  fun  pictures taken with Tracy’s fans. That my friends, is how a book party should be. A national tour continues in Los Angeles next week, this week they have been in North Carolina, New York and Georgia. You’ll enjoy Tracy’s blog as well

The stories told yesterday ranged from the wisdom of an eighty year old farmer who had farmed the same land for sixty four years, the founder of Theraderm who grew up with six sisters and created a product to relieve his patients, at seventy has now received his first patent, to a New Jersey author who has harvested readers for most of her life.  This tapestry of traveling life always weaves vivid stories and experiences into my life, and for that I am thankful.

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  1. Last night was certainly a night of story-telling, I’m so glad you were a part of it.

    • Sweetie M. Berry :

      Holly, I was so pleased at just how much story-telling went on at the Lost in Suburbia event. Tracy set the tone well with her warmth and sharing. What a beautiful thing it is when community is created as it was last night. Look forward to watching them all shine! Thank you for your kind words and for reaching out to us all last night.~ Sweetie

  2. So glad you could be there! What a treat to share my fun with you.

    • Sweetie M. Berry :

      It was a delight to be with Therapon and use Theraderm at the Tracy Beckerman “Lost in Suburbia” book launch in Atlanta.

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